Moravcsik Foundation

The Moravcsik Foundation was established in 1991 with the mission to help the treatment and rehabilitation of patients living with psychiatric disorders through art therapy. The foundation is located in the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, and collaborates with the outpatient and day-care rehabilitation services and units of the clinic. The foundation’s main goal is to provide a stimulating atmosphere for the patients in the form of art and other various creative workshops to encourage the improvement of their artistic and craft skills. The Creative Atelier for Art Therapy opened in 2005 within the Psychiatry department. The foundation played a significant role in setting up studios to enable the work of the Atelier, and since it has provided continuous support for the promotion of the artistic work as well as created opportunities to introduce the patients’ works in various forums. 

Budapest Art Brut Gallery

Through the foundation’s work and connections with other similar organizations we realized that not only in Budapest, but nationwide there is a significant number of art brut artists, who exceed the therapeutic limits from the perspective of aesthetics and skill, and create works that have a reason of existence within the field of modern art. This realization motivated us to create a space where we can exhibit the continuously expanding collected artwork.

In 2009 with the support of the Moravcsik Foundation and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism we opened the Budapest Art Brut Gallery along with an art brut workshop out of the clinic walls, with the mission to introduce the form of art brut to the public, as well as the idea, that individuals living with various psychiatric illnesses are able to add value to today’s society, thus decreasing stigmatization and discrimination. During the preliminary works we established the Art Council of the Budapest Art Brut Gallery.The members of the Art Council are respected artists, art historians, psychiatrists and professors with the responsibility to supervise and support the Gallery’s work. Today we are looking to expand our horizons by opening toward international art brut and outsider art organisations in the hope of a possible future cooperation.