Open Heart
Exhibition of Henrietta Árvai and Anna Hornyik

15.09. - 16.10.2015.
Budapest Art Brut Gallery

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TRAUMA AND BODY - From the outside? from the inside?

19.06. - 25.07.2015.
Budapest Art Brut gallery

Psycho canvases
Exhibition of Norbert Papp and Viktor Mónus

19.05. 16.06.2015.
Budapest Art Brut Gallery

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2 body, a head, 3 legged baby
Exhibition of Zuzana Zurbolova

23.04. - 16.05.2015.
Budapest Art Brut Gallery

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It was the moon, the moon was not
Exhibition of Éva Józsa and Orsi Török

20.03. - 18.04.2015.
Budapest Art Brut Gallery

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National masters of art brut

19.01. - 14.03.2015.
Budapest Art Brut Gallery

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The BAB Gallery debut in Szeged

Convention Center Szeged (Hungary)

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PsychArt24 art marathon - Exhibition

04.11.2014. - 15.01.2015.
Budapest Art Brut Gallery

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Color dreams

An exhibition of the gallery's collection.
Courtyard Budapest City Center, Budapest (Hungary)

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I got wings - Exhibition of Boglárka Sajó

Budapest Art Brut Gallery

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Outsider art exhibition in Cluj-Napoca

House of Györkös Mányi, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

County-Steimark Friendship Association; Exhibition of Neumarkt

Neumark-Stolzalpe, Europahaus (Austria)

The depths of the soul - Exhibiton in "Ördögkatlan" Festival

Nagyharsány (Hungary)

Where we live - Exhibition

03.07. - 14.09. 2014. 
Tárt Kapu Galéria, Budapest (Hungary)

Crisis as transformation - Exhibition in Night of museums project

Magnet Közösségi Ház, Budapest (Hungary)

Human relationships

Kulturális Szalon, Budapest (Hungary)

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4. PsychArt24 Exhibition

05.02.-20.02. 2014.
Darvas Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

Healthy body, healthy spirit

Budapest Congress Center, Budapest (Hungary)

Photo Gallery

An exhibition in Novotelben

Hotel Novotel, Budapest (Hungary)

Photo gallery

An exhibition in Hotel Hélia

Hotel Hélia, Budapest (Hungary)

Photo gallery

Art Brut exhibition and Workshop

Fesztivál Sarok Pont 10, Budapest (Hungary)

Photo gallery

Budapest Art Brut Gallery exhibition

Piarista High School, Budapest (Hungary)

Photo gallery

PsychArt24 art marathon Exhibition

Csók István Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

Budapest Art Brut Gallery Exhibition

31.08. - 05.09.2011.
Congress Center, Reykjavik (Iceland)

Art brut Exhibition - Art therapy World Congress

Budapest Congress Center, Budapest (Hungary)

2x2 Otsider Art Forum and Art Fair

Münster, Germany

Iconologia psychopatologica

29.03. - 15.09.2011.
Budapest Art Brut Gallery

1. PsychArt24 Exhibition

09.21. - 01.12.2010.
Budapest Art Brut Gallery

"PLAY ME, I'M YOURS!" project

29.08. - 05.09.2010.
Pécs (Hungary)

Soul maps

28.07. - 29.09.2010.
Tabán Teázó, Budapest (Hungary)

Parallels - photo Exhibition

30.04. - 31.07.2010.
Budapest Art Brut Gallery

Hungarian masters of the art brut

31.03. - 27.04.2010.
Budapest Art Brut Gallery

Opening exhibition

19.11.2009. - 25.03.2010.
Budapest Art Brut Gallery, Budapest